Crescent Park opens with music and dancing

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
King PaKaYea' band plays classic soul and rock hits.

The new Crescent Park in Donaldsonville held a grand opening on Saturday, April 1 and featured music, dancing and cheer.

The weather, which included a sunset could not have been better. All were welcome. Residents and visitors danced into the night along to the King PaKaYea' Band on this beautiful evening.

The park was dedicated by the mayor and city council. Mayor Leroy Sullivan was also hanging out, talking leisurely and relaxing with those in attendance. Event organizer Lee Melancon can chalk up another level of success for his effort to revamp the Historic Donaldsonville District. 

Weather permitting, Donaldsonville Downtown Live at Crescent will take place again on May 6, June 3, August 5 and September 2. The concert is free and goes from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and ice chests.

The city only asks that people avoid using glass containers and keep the park clean by not littering. For more information, call 225-445-1383 or email