Fact or Myth: Does the LSU/Alabama game determine the president?

Leslie D. Rose
LSU took the field against the University of Alabama on Nov. 12 in 10-0 loss.

A 32-year-old urban legend was debunked this Tuesday as Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States.

According to the legend, the big game between college football rivals LSU and the University of Alabama is not just a major sporting event - it's also hailed as having predicted every presidential election since 1984.

Since 1984, when the LSU/Alabama game is played in an election year, Republicans have been placed in the White House when LSU wins and Democrats have been elected when Alabama wins.

With Alabama's 10-0 win, the legend would have it that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would be selected as President-Elect, however that was not the case.

Take a look at the results from previous election seasons.

1984 - Ronald Reagan (R) wins; LSU wins 16-14

1988 - George Bush (R) wins; LSU wins 19-18

1992 - Bill Clinton (D) wins; Alabama wins 31-11

1996 - Bill Clinton (D) wins; Alabama wins 26-0

2000 - George W. Bush (R) wins; LSU wins 30-28

2004 - George W. Bush (R) wins; LSU wins 26-10

2008 - Barack Obama (D) wins; Alabama wins 27-2

2012 - Barack Obama (D) wins; Alabama wins — twice — 21-0, 21-17

2016 - LEGEND DEBUNKED - Donald J. Trump (R) wins; Alabama wins - 10-0