Rob has The Voice!

Donaldsonville native Rob Taylor sings “I want you” by Luke James on the Blind Audition round of NBC’s The Voice – Season 8 on Feb. 23.

When Rob Taylor was young he only would sing in front of his mom and sister. Through the years he’s displayed his singing talent in the community where he is known for his musical abilities. On Feb. 23, he took his talents from singing at home to singing in front of a national stage when he sang Luke James’ “I want you” in the Blind Audition round of NBC’s The Voice – Season 8.

Used to wowing the hometown crowd in Donaldsonville, Taylor’s voice quickly struck a cord with musical superstar Christina Aguilera, who is a coach on The Voice. From there, Aguilera would get Taylor’s commitment to join her team.

“He’s team Christina all the way, is he not?” Aguilera said during the show, as she approached Taylor to hug him. “I want to meet your mom and be part of the family.”

“When Christina’s chair turned around I was just super excited,” Taylor said, 22-year-old graduate of Donaldsonville High. “I kind of zoned out when she turned around. It only takes one chair to make it through and it was just amazing to see Christina Aguilera, one of the greatest singers known in our generation, turn her chair around for me and appreciate my gift and my talent. That was just an amazing feeling.”

Taylor said he always wanted to be a part of The Voice because it always seemed like a show that was “true to the artist and cared about cultivating the artist and showing their story, and I really like that.”

Taylor said he chose Christina to be his coach because she’s an amazing vocalist herself, but also because she showed the most support.

“I was trying to strategize at first who I would choose, but when I went out there I just cleared my mind and said whoever turns and really says something personable to me,” Taylor said. “Christina even mentioned family, she said she wanted to be a part of my family and I am a huge fan of that. Family is very, very important to me and when she said that I had to go with her.”

When Taylor was in the sixth grade his mother, Jennifer Taylor, suffered a disabling stroke.

I’m very proud of my son. He’s starting a new journey in his life so I pray for him every day. I love my son; he’s a good child. He said experiencing his mother’s life change forever made him a better man for today.

“It wasn’t easy, it was very hard,” Taylor said. “It was like one day you were the child and the next day you were the parent. It was very hard to get use to, but it made me stronger and the man I am today. I know I wouldn’t be on this platform now without what I’ve been through.”

His mom, Jennifer, said she was she’s really a proud mother right now, and added that it makes her blush to hear her son sing and talk about her being his inspiration.

“He’s such a good child,” Jennifer Taylor said.

Jennifer Taylor added, “I want people to pray for him and keep supporting him. Keep him in your prayers so we can win.”

Taylor said it’s amazing to represent his family and see how proud they are.

“But even farther to represent my community, Donaldsonville,” Taylor said. “To represent this community that not always gets the most positive light, but for me to be a part of something positive to show the world from Donaldsonville. That’s awesome.”

Taylor added: “Thank you for all the love and support that you’ve shown so far. It’s truly touching and amazing that you guys see something in me. Please keep supporting me, keep rooting for me. I really need you guys and with you guys behind I really feel like we can take this whole thing home.”