Dignified disposal: Legion holds ceremony to retire American flags

Troy Krause Editor

When something gets old, tattered, faded and worn throwing it away simply means a quick disposal and then that item is forgotten. When American flags are ready to be retired the disposal is much more dignified, with a ceremony held to honor and demonstrate respect to Old Glory even as its usefulness comes to an end. That ceremony was on display recently in Redwood County when the Lucan American Legion hosted a flag burning ceremony. The formal ceremony was led by Tom Moore, Lucan Legion commander and 32-year military veteran. “I’m a true patriot and be-lieve strongly in flag etiquette,” said Moore, adding that includes proper retirement. “For me it is absolutely important to retire the flag properly.” Dozens of flags in various states of wear were placed into the fire for disposal by members of the Lucan Legion, with others from the county assisting. Moore said the Legion plans to conduct the ceremony again next year, adding those who have old flags that should no longer be flown can drop them off at their local Legion for future disposal.