Ascension Parish Council meeting notes

Logan Ridenour
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Ascension Parish Council held a regularly scheduled meeting in Gonzales, January 23. Agenda items included a proclamation honoring the board members of Ascension Public Schools and an update from Parish President Clint Cointment on his first 12 days in office.

Opening the council meeting, Cointment proclaimed January 2020 as School Board Member Recognition Month.

"We all know how important our school system is here in Ascension. We all appreciate as parents and citizens the high, school standards that we have," he said.

The board members being honored were present, along with Ascension Public Schools Superintendent David Alexander.

"It is special that we can recognize our school board members in these moments; to recognize the work of our school system and the work that they do there," said Alexander.

In his President's Report, Cointment addressed the changes he has implemented so far, and what he hopes to accomplish.

He said his first 12 days were productive, and that he is introducing new technology and methods that will make the parish operate as a data-driven administration. He also aims to make the administration more transparent for Ascension citizens.

"From day one, the administration has been reviewing all options as it relates to sewer and what options are available to control costs and keep rates low for the citizens of our parish," said Cointment.

The council deferred two agreements to utilities; A Consideration of Construction, Operation, and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Ascension Sewer and a Consideration of Contribution and Conveyance Agreement – Act of Transfer with Ascension Waste Water Treatment Inc.