Ascension Parish Council names officers and committees

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The first order of business for the new Ascension Parish Council at its very first meeting on January 9, 2020 was the election of its officers.

District 8 representative Teri Casso was elected to a second consecutive term as Chairwoman. Travis Turner of District 3 was elected Vice Chair.

"I congratulate Councilwoman Casso and Councilman Turner on their election," said President Clint Cointment. "I look forward to working with them and the rest of the Council as we address the issues critical to Ascension's future success."

In addition to its officers, the Council also vets much of its work through standing committees. The Finance Committee, which considers and makes recommendations on all financial matters, is comprised of all Council members. John Cagnolatti, District 10, will chair that committee, and Dal Waguespack, District 9, will serve as Vice Chair.

The other standing committees for 2020 are:

Strategic Planning - Chase Melancon, District 6, Chair; Joel Robert, District 2, Vice Chair; and members Corey Orgeron, District 4; Dempsey Lambert, District 5; and John Cagnolatti.

Utilities - Corey Orgeron, Chair; Travis Turner, Vice Chair; Joel Robert; Aaron Lawler, District 7; and Alvin Thomas, District 1.

Recreation - Travis Turner, Chair; Alvin Thomas, Vice Chair; Dal Waguespack; Aaron Lawler; and Chase Melancon.

Personnel - Michael Mason, District 11, Chair; John Cagnolatti, Vice Chair; Corey Orgeron; Dal Waguespack; and Alvin Thomas.

Transportation - Aaron Lawler, Chair; Michael Mason, Vice Chair; Dal Waguespack; Dempsey Lambert; and John Cagnolatti.

The East Ascension Drainage Board is comprised of all East Side Council members, and will elect its own officers at its first meeting of the year.

The West Ascension Drainage Board met on January 9 and elected Alvin Thomas, Jr. as Chair and Joel Robert as Vice Chair.

"This is a very talented and capable Council," reiterated President Cointment. "With their help, and with the support of the people, we will achieve the best possible solutions for all of our residents."

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