Sorrento Council discusses sewer, demolition, travel

Logan Ridenour
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Sorrento Town Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting, January 07. All members of the council were present.

According to the police report, during the month of December there were 21 crashes, one burglary, four thefts and 150 total calls.

The council held a public meeting for ordinance 19-11. The ordinance would amend Article IV, Sections 18-324 through 18-332 of the Code of Ordinances for the Town of Sorrento.

"It's really, really close to what the state has," said Councilman Chris Guidry.

Guidry also noted that the amendment includes further details about requesting assistance from the National Guard for demolition, in order to relieve some of the financial burden for Sorrento.

The ordinance was approved.

The council voted to introduce Ordinance 19-10, an ordinance to amend Appendix II, Section 17-2045 of the Development Code. This ordinance would affect Manufactured Housing and Mobile Home Standards and the standards for siting manufactured housing.

The council approved a new beer and liquor license for Duckroost Seafood, previously Reno and Hope Seafood.

The next agenda item discussed was in regard to travel reimbursement for town employees.

Currently, town employees can be reimbursed for work related travel in their privately-owned vehicles.

"I disagree that any personal vehicle should be used," said Councilman Donald Schexnaydre.

Mayor Mike Lambert says he has been working to find a suitable vehicle for this purpose.

The council also discussed a sewer fee increase. Councilman Guidry sought a proactive approach to the growing population of Sorrento.

Guidry said the sewer repairs aren't getting any cheaper and the last increase Sorrento citizens saw was in 2011. Guidry proposed a $2.50 increase.

Since Guidry became a council member, there was an open seat on the Planning and Zoning Committee. The council voted for Doreen Ansell to replace Councilman Guidry.