Ascension Parish holds a food drive in Donaldsonville

Logan Ridenour
Families recurve food donations during Ascension Mobile, Dec. 19.

The Ascension Parish Government partnered with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank on December 19. They distributed meals for families at the Lemann Center Pavilion in Donaldsonville.

The program, Ascension Mobile provided enough food to feed 400 families. The donations were not provided based on need. The only requirement to participate was to be a resident of Ascension Parish.

Cars were lined up in the early morning to receive the donations, as the food provided was on a first come, first served basis.

Volunteers from the parish and the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, along with a few inmates from the Ascension Parish Jail were present to assist in the unloading and preparing of food items.

The food donations included water, turkey, fruits, vegetables and other traditional holiday meal items. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank also provided hand sanitizer for each family.

Volunteers placed the prepared bags of food and supplies in the vehicles as they passed by.

"Especially with the way the economy is now . . . this is going to help bring at least a little joy as far as Christmas time to people," Gloria Anderson, the Agency Manager for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank said.

Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa recognized a need for a food drive and reached out to her, said Anderson.

"[Matassa] just wanted to let the people know that he appreciated them," she said.