Sorrento Council discusses condemnation ordinance

Logan Ridenour

The Sorrento Town Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on December 3. Agenda items for the meeting included a police report, the annual audit review, and a discussion on the new Condemnation Ordinance.

The Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office reported 16 vehicle accidents, one burglary, six thefts and one shooting, and four adult arrests during November.

The monthly financial report noted that sales tax is currently three percent over budget.

The annual audit review was presented by Tony Ruiz. The presentation discussed was a draft and not a final report.

"Overall, the town's in good shape," said Ruiz.

The council also approved holidays for the upcoming year.

In the discussion for the new Condemnation Ordinance, Councilman Chris Guidry went over the modifications that were made. He noted the inclusion of current state laws in order to make the process more streamlined for Sorrento.

"[Condemnation Ordinance] makes it cut and dry how and where we can put leans on property," said Guidry. The motion to introduce the ordinance was approved.

The council was also scheduled to introduce an ordinance that would amend Appendix II, Section 17-2045 of the Development Code for the "Manufactured Housing and Mobile Home Standards."

However, since Councilman Schexnaydre was not present, the council dropped the item from the agenda and postponed it until the next meeting.

The introduction of the Entergy Franchise Agreement Renewal Ordinance was postponed to the next meeting.