Gonzales City Council seeks to improve water

Logan Ridenour

The Gonzales City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting, November 25. Among agenda items was a report from the Tank Proof Swim Coaches.

Thurman Thomas III and Torrence Lee Thomas founded Tank Proof several years ago as a way to grow kids' confidence in swimming. Since they began, they have served 2,500 people free of charge.

During their report, they said they taught 110 kids to swim this past year in Gonzales. The brothers were seeking more pool hours from the city council and funding in order to expand the opportunity to more kids next year.

The council proposed further discussion in order to determine logistics and the specific amount of money needed for the program. The formal recommendation will be proposed at a later council meeting.

The council then approved a resolution allowing the City of Gonzales to submit a grant application. This annual application will be sent to the Department of Community Development for the Louisiana Government Assistance Program.

The second resolution approved by the council was for another grant. Its application will be submitted to the Department of Community Development for the Community Water Enrichment Program. This grant is expected to fund improvements toward the city's water lines.

The council also approved a resolution releasing the State Fire Marshal and any other state representative from liability for Fire Prevention Inspections performed by the City of Gonzales Fire Department. This is the first year this resolution has been brought to the council, but is anticipated to become a routine matter.

Event announcements include the Gonzales Christmas Parade, which will run on December 8 at 1:30 p.m. The Annual Senior Citizen Christmas Party will be December 10. The party will start at 10 a.m. at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in the Trade Market Building.