Parish Council discusses parish employee vacation time

Logan Ridenour

The Ascension Parish Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, October 3 in Donaldsonville.

Agenda items for the evening included a contribution to the Louisiana High School Rodeo, a resolution to allow an extension on parish employees' vacation time, and the acceptance of the new Animal Services bylaws.

The Louisiana High School Rodeo has been around for the last 26 years. Last year the rodeo had over 300 children participating in multiple different categories. In total there were 2,500 people in attendance from all over the state of Louisiana.

Since the core group of families that help run the program are slowly dwindling down, they requested $17,000 dollars in contributions from the Ascension Parish Council to maintain the event. The motion was passed.

There was a resolution presented by Ascension Parish Council President, Kenny Matassa to carry over vacation time for parish employees through January 2020.

"Gives us a little bit more mobility to have people at work," Matassa said.

There are employees who would lose vacation time if they did not take it by the end of the year, and extending their vacation time would allow for continuous productivity throughout December.

Councilman Benny Johnson requested the discussion of a new policy to enforce the spreading of vacation days throughout the year in order to avoid multiple employees requesting time in the later months of the year. This motion passed.

There was a public hearing in regards to the new Animal Services bylaws. The only comment was requesting that there be a change to the wording used, which as it stood would imply the Animal Services Board would manage services already provided.

The request to change "management" to "oversight" was considered. The nature of the board is to ensure local and state laws are being followed and provide recommendations to the parish council. The motion to adopt the ordinance as amended was passed.