Gonzales Garden Club starts a new year with native plants

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Hosting the garden club meeting from left are Gail Lonibos, Patti Mouton, Mabel Savoy, Lorraine Gautreau, Loretta Ramirez and Rita Bourque. Not pictured: Janis Poche

The opener of the 2019-2020 season of the Gonzales Garden Club was held at Patti Mouton's Prairieville home on September 4. Her den was packed with 21 active members, four associate members and two guests. The program, "Garden Club Goes Native," was developed to inspire members to focus on Louisiana native plants in their upcoming club projects and garden activities in conjunction with National Garden Club goals and objectives.

The meeting's program featured a light-hearted skit comparing native to non-native plants, an educational exhibit of native plant photos labeled for identification, and floral arrangements created with native plants from members' home gardens. Member Mary Jo Pohlig also presented televised photos of common plants asking the crowd to identify each plant as native or non-native. The native plants depicted were coral honeysuckle, maidenhair fern, little gem magnolia, beautyberry. and live oak. Popular plants identified as non-native were crape myrtle, water hyacinth, elephant ears, azaleas, pansies and yellow flag irises.

The business meeting addressed changes for the coming year. After recognizing the new terms for club officers, discussing associate member guidelines and hearing committee reports, President Jamie Trisler adjourned the meeting with a look forward to a program on fall gardens for the club's October meeting.

Snacks of spinach dip, cheeses and crackers were served with mimosas prior to the meeting's call to order. Rick Mouton cooked a pork and sausage jambalaya for the occasion. Hostesses Patti Mouton, Janis Poche, Loretta Ramirez, Lorraine Gautreau, Rita Bourque, Mabel Savoy and Gail Lonibos provided white beans, string beans, tossed green salad and rolls. The meal ended with brownies, lemon squares and pineapple cake served as dessert choices with coffee.

The Gonzales Garden Club is federated by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

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