Ascension Chamber releases local election platform

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Ascension Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) released its local election platform of policies and initiatives it hopes to see candidates running for public office support in their candidacies to serve the businesses and residents of Ascension Parish.

After polling its membership and consulting with business leaders and stakeholders from around the parish, the Chamber has developed a platform that focuses on three subject areas it believes are critical to maintain and enhance the economic vitality and quality of life in Ascension Parish. Those subject areas are:

Subject 1: Develop viable solutions to address Ascension Parish's overloaded and outdated infrastructure.

Subject 2: Support economic development incentives and workforce development programs that continue to generate momentum for our local economy.

Subject 3: Develop a long-term, pro-growth vision for Ascension Parish that strategically aligns future growth management with infrastructure planning and investment.

"In a recent survey of our membership, traffic congestion and failing infrastructure were cited as the greatest threats to business growth in the Ascension Parish," said Barker Dirmann, Ascension Chamber president and CEO. "It is critical that our parish officials work to develop real solutions to these issues before the problems worsen and the solutions to those problems become more expensive."

The Ascension Chamber encourages parish voters to read the full election platform. Visit the Facebook Page for more info.

Contributed by Ascension Chamber of Commerce