St. Amant VFD receives thermal imaging camera

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
(L to r) Nutrien General Manager Richard Holder, St. Amant/5th. Ward Fire Chief James E. LeBlanc and Nutrien FSO Steve Villar.

When an emergency strikes, having the right tools can mean a matter of life or death for members of the St. Amant & 5th. Ward Volunteer Fire Departments.

On Monday, the local departments received a brand new Bullard Thermal Imager Camera from the Nutrien Chemical Facility. Making sure our Local Emergency Response agencies have the proper tools is very important for our community, stated Nutrien General Manager Richard Holder.

"We are extremely grateful for Nutrien's generous donation," St. Amant/5th. Ward Chief James E. LeBlanc said. "A thermal imaging camera is an extraordinary piece of safety equipment and will help us further our efforts to protect our residents and our personnel responding to their needs."

Chief LeBlanc said the camera protects both firefighters and homeowners by detecting heat signatures quicker, thus preventing significant structural damage during a fire. The camera displays different temperatures of heat onto a screen as an image.

"It's also a great tool to have if we're called to an accident at night and we have to locate the victim in an area with no lighting," LeBlanc stated. The thermal imaging camera will assist fire crews to more quickly and efficiently find people in need of help, not only in the event of local structure fires, but also natural disasters."

Richard Holder, General Manager of Nutrien Chemical Facility, said the company is happy to donate the new equipment to the St. Amant & 5th. Ward Volunteer Fire Departments.

"We take safety seriously at Nutrien and from time to time we rely on the local fire and police departments when we have emergencies to assist our facility," Holder said. "Having a safe environment is critical to our company and our community."

The new camera will assist the Volunteer Firefighters in St. Amant & 5th. Ward communities to be able to search for our local residents during emergency operations, stated LeBlanc.

Contributed by St. Amant & 5th. Ward VFD