Senior Prom held at Francois Bend Senior Living

Logan Ridenour

Francois Bend Senior Living hosted a Senior Prom for their residents and members of the community last week.

Amidst balloons, music, and the flash of prom photos being taken it appeared that everyone was having a great time. The idea came after getting everyone together in smaller groups of their graduating classes.

"We have been hosting luncheons for the last two-and-a-half months for people who graduated from 1940 to 1950," Executive Director of Francois Bend Judy Naquin said.

The luncheons were aimed at getting everyone together again, similar to a high school reunion. And whether they are residents of Francois Bend Senior Living or not, they're always welcome.

"A lot of things we have here we open to the public so people can come and enjoy the fun things with our residents," Naquin said.

The luncheons were doing a great job of bringing everyone together.

"So we decided to throw a senior prom for all those classes," Naquin said. And amongst friends, residents danced to music performed by Na Na Sha and enjoyed plenty of food and cake.

"They're having a really great time," she said. This won't be the last event hosted by Francois Bend.

"We enjoy having people in the community come and enjoy our community with our residents. We have a lot of parties, and we hope people will come see us."