Lighthouse Louisiana holds grand reopening

Logan Ridenour

Lighthouse Louisiana held their grand reopening on August 16. In 2016 the floods put a temporary pause on the work they were able to accomplish. But after slowly rebuilding, the Lighthouse is now fully operational.

"We're just really happy about the hard work that our community has come together to reopen the Lighthouse so we can provide these services that we provide to the community," Stephanie Benedetti, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said.

These services touch the lives of many in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. Their main goal is to provide a chance for those with disabilities to thrive.

"Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities through services, employment and advocacy," Benedetti said.

These solutions specifically target each individual's needs. Some of what they offer includes vision rehab, employment, and youth services.

In fact, this facility houses eight high-speed paper cut machines. At least 75 percent of the individuals who work on these machines are blind. Through adjustments tailored to each person's needs, the Lighthouse proves that everyone is capable.

"We're able to really demonstrate to the community how people who have disabilities can achieve, can work independently," Benedetti said.

And with a 70 percent unemployment rate for people with disabilities in the Baton Rouge area, their work doesn't stop at providing jobs, but more importantly services that will allow these individuals to be successful in any job.

"Our dream is that people with disabilities are able to enter the workforce, obtain the skills, training and employment to lead the lives they want to live," Benedetti said.

They are able to help by providing job services such as resume writing, interview preparation and job placement, along with many other soft skills including interpersonal relationships.

Now that the Lighthouse is open once more, they are able to continue creating an impact. Visit to learn more. "We're really excited about our future," Benedetti said.