Board and Brush Creative Studio opens new location in Baton Rouge

Logan Ridenour

The owners of Board and Brush celebrated the opening of their second location on August 14. The opening involved a raffle, food and showcasing to the community their many creative opportunities.

Andrea Lormond, the co-owner of Board and Brush says she's a strong believer in stepping outside your everyday routine. "I believe in just the atmosphere of hanging out with everybody and getting away from the stress of the world," she said.

This can be accomplished at Board and Brush through creating do-it-yourself (DIY) signs for your home alongside family, friends, or community members. "My mission is to help people create memories," Lormond said.

The process begins by signing up for one of their many themed nights and picking your sign online. These parties can include a couples night, family night or something more specific; for example, a bachelorette party.

"I just want people to come, create memories and enjoy themselves," Lormond said.

Once you arrive at Board and Brush, you're greeted with an apron and your stencil. For those that may be intimidated by DIY projects, rest assured you will receive guidance the whole way through.

However, your project will be unique to you. "Everybody gets to pick what they want, so not everybody is doing the same thing," Lormond said.

The unique part of this experience is that you will leave with something to remember the experience by.

"They come that night and they don't leave with nothing, you know it's something they keep forever," Lormond said.

This husband and wife duo also owns the Board and Brush Creative Studio located in Youngsville. They've been in business for two years. The Baton Rouge store is located at 516 Moore Street, Suite 100. Call 225-289-5097 or visit them online at for more info.