Sullivan's Steakhouse hosts cocktail party

Logan Ridenour
A look at the first course, ahi sashimi and seared scallop at the All-American Cocktail Party hosted by Sullivan's Steakhouse in Baton Rouge last week.

With warm lights and live piano music, Sullivan's Steakhouse has a way of making you feel comfortable. So comfortable in fact, I wish I had worn more elastic clothing. 

Their All-American Cocktail Party began with a choice: either the Pear and Egg or the Knockout. I went with the Knockout and my date chose the Pear and Egg. 

The plan going into this was for each of us to try everything - but that plan went out the window when I looked over to see him thoroughly enjoying his Pear and Egg, until the last drop. His palette detected "eggnog spice taste and spicy pear." The creaminess of this drink was attributed to egg whites. 

Far less adventurous, I had the Knockout. It was clementine vodka infused with golden pineapple. We were told that the pineapple actually soaked in the vodka for two weeks prior to being served. It was delicious. 

These first drinks definitely opened up the conversation at our table and eased us into our first round of food. 

We got pretty lucky at our table. Nathan and I were sitting next to Mike and Michele, whose hilarity far surpassed our own. We were all in agreement that the next drink, the Summertime was delicious. And the seared scallops were pretty much the star of the night. 

Along with the scallops they served ahi sashimi with oranges, edamame, and wasabi vinaigrette. The tuna is sushi grade tuna delivered to the restaurant three times per week. It was, in the words of Nathan, "good stuff."

The second round of food was pork belly with gala apple relish and lamb chops with sun-dried tomato and olive tapenade, paired with a dirty bird martini. The pork chops were a table favorite. At this point, it was difficult to imagine being served any more food. 

Up next, we had the Manhattan block cut strip steak with marinated spaghetti squash and gorgonzola fingerling potatoes. Paired with the steak was a Goldrush. For this drink we had a choice between bourbon or rye. Rye made for a sweeter drink mixed with lemon, clover honey, and an amber swizzle stick. 

And for the final round: a mini espresso martini and summer strawberry panna cotta. It was the perfect light dessert after the two-hour meal marathon we were on. 

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. When discussing our favorite parts of the night, Michele said she liked the opportunity to try new things. 

Mike said he appreciated slowing down and taking the time to enjoy the food. We unanimously agreed that it was great having someone else make the decisions for you. Because as people it's easy to get stuck in a routine. 

So if you're looking for something fun to do, whether it's meeting new people or trying new food, this was a great opportunity for both. Sullivan's is located at 5252 Corporate Boulevard in Baton Rouge, La. For more information on Sullivan's including the menu click here.