Prairieville Family Hospital holds ribbon cutting

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

"Welcome to the Prairieville Family Hospitall," Dr. Henry Higgins said to a large crowd gathered for the official ribbon cutting of the new hospital located at 37358 Market Place Drive on July 11.

Higgins, an ER physician in healthcare for 23 years explained that he'd become dismayed at the practices of gigantic hospital groups. He said he wanted more control over how his patients were treated.

"It was like I was on a conveyor belt, and I literally had only six or seven minutes to treat every single patient," he said.

He explained that he wanted to do better for patients. This prompted him to start working on creating smaller, more accessible hospitals.

An earlier press release states that the local, physician partner-group, including Drs. John Soud, John McLean, and Henry Higgins, will oversee operations and overall quality-of-care being delivered at the facility.

Local support will also be provided by an Administrator and Office Manager, Mary-Katherine Moore, Director of Nursing, Rockelle All, and Partner/Business Owner, Dr. Jarrett Flood. Phase II of the Prairieville hospital has already begun and will include surgical suites, procedure rooms, and additional medical/surgical inpatient beds.

Phase one of the Prairieville neighborhood hospital includes 10 in-patient beds, three ER beds, a full laboratory, x-ray, Ultrasound, CT, and pharmacy. The facility will be open to the surrounding communities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.