Prairieville Family Hospital to celebrate its Grand Opening July 11

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Prairieville Family Hospital opens on July 11 with an official Ascension Parish Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting.

The staff members of Prairieville Family Hospital, in conjunction with Ascension Parish Chamber of Commerce, are excited to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new neighborhood hospital with a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for July 11 at 11 a.m.

According to Dr Jarrett Flood, who has been highly involved in the development of the Prairieville Family Hospital, "The neighborhood hospital model has become very popular in cities such as Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, and Kansas City.

"These are not emergency centers or urgent care clinics but instead, full blown hospitals. They are often built as phased projects, and additional space is built out as more services are added. The objective is to increase the communities' access to healthcare that has traditionally only been available at the huge mega hospitals while fostering a true relationship between the healthcare providers and their community.

"Neighborhood hospitals are beholden to the same federal and state licensing guidelines and regulatory requirements as the much larger, traditional mega hospitals. It is important to note that neighborhood hospitals provide the same full spectrum of emergency care and inpatient stays as traditional hospitals.

"Patients typically enjoy zero waiting times and far more personalized care as the neighborhood hospitals are far more efficient and convenient. We are creating an environment that allows patients to receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time.

"After witnessing the strain on our community caused by the recent closure of the hospitals in Baton Rouge, it is easy to see why our community needed this neighborhood hospital to be built - it was a no brainer."

Phase one of the Prairieville neighborhood hospital includes 10 in-patient beds, three ER beds, a full laboratory, x-ray, Ultrasound, CT, and pharmacy. The facility will be open to the surrounding communities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The local, physician partner-group, including Drs. John Soud, John McLean, and Henry Higgins, will oversee operations and overall quality-of-care being delivered at the facility. Local support will also be provided by an Administrator and Office Manager, Mary-Katherine Moore, Director of Nursing, Rockelle All, and Partner/Business Owner, Dr. Jarrett Flood. Phase II of the Prairieville hospital has already begun and will include surgical suites, procedure rooms, and additional medical/surgical inpatient beds.

The Prairieville Family Hospital is the sixth, physician-owned facility within the Family Health Systems (FHS). FHS was created six years ago from the desire by local physicians to provide high-quality, personalized, affordable care to residents in the neighborhoods we serve. They have five locations in Texas, one in Prairieville, one in Nebraska and multiple projects in development. The medical teams are comprised of board-certified professionals who live in the communities with their families and take great pride in serving their friends and neighbors. They want every patient to feel like a member of our family by providing friendly, loving, accountable care.

Dr. John McLean is one of the founding members of FHS who said, "At FHS, we are restoring a high level of accountability into the patient-provider relationship. Not just accountability for the care we provide, but also the cost. The neighborhood hospital is allowing patients to once again be on a first name basis with their providers, and it also allows for the providers to control the quality of the care being provided.

"For many of our providers, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to practice the personalized, concierge-style care with their patients that they have always envisioned."

Dr John Soud (also a founding member of FHS) stated, "Family is not just a word in our company name, but a concept representing the way we value and interact with our patients. Our philosophy has resonated in the areas we've served, and we could not be more excited to bring this level of service and care to south Louisiana."

Contributed by Prairieville Family Hospital