Bump for Joy is opening in Prairieville

Darian Graivshark
Children's clothes at Bump for Joy in Prairieville, Louisiana, opening today.

On Thursday, June 13, Bump for Joy in Prairieville will be having a grand opening celebration.

Bump for Joy is located at 16260 Airline Hwy, Suite D1. It is a gender reveal, maternity, and children's boutique that also offers spray tanning. The owner is Riley Dunaway.

Two Dimensional (2D) ultrasounds are a standard black and white ultrasound, which allows you to see a baby's skeletal system and organs. A Three Dimensional (3D) ultrasound show the surface of an object, creating images of your baby in a 3D view. Four Dimensional (4D) ultrasounds will show your baby in real time.

The best time to see a baby in 4D is at the 24 week mark. The baby's appearance is more skeletal until about this point. By 27 weeks, the baby is clearer and easier to see at this stage with this imaging.

Babies won't be measured at Bump for Joy, and are able to reveal the gender to guests as soon as 13 weeks and two days. Bump for Joy also does not accept insurance, as it is a voluntary service.

Bump for Joy is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m., exceptions for the later appointments without a charge. The phone number is 225-450-5553, or email bump4joyascension@gmail.com for appointments and questions.

Worried about not being able to bring someone to an appointment? No worries! Everyone is welcome, and Dunaway believes this is a fun, loving experience for the whole family.

Dunaway has completed a course and two years of supervised experience in ultrasound. She is strictly certified for OB/GYN.

However, a visit to Bump for Joy does not replace your OB/GYN visits. Gender reveals are completely voluntary, but if abnormal spots are found during an ultrasound, you're encouraged to contact your regular OB/GYN physician.

Recently, Dunaway launched a package to help anxious expecting mothers, called the Baby Blues Package.

"The Baby Blues Package includes an ultrasound performance once a week for fifteen minutes. It's for mothers who have experienced loss, miscarried, or have infertility issues and may want to check up on the progress of their baby more frequently," Dunaway said. "During these visits, we listen to the heart beat, I take six black and white ultrasound photos, and answer any questions that may be concerning them."

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