Town & Parish Realty celebrates first birthday

Darian Graivshark

A smaller real estate business offers what bigger businesses do, too.

Town & Parish Realty in Prairieville celebrated their first birthday as a business on January 31. The theme for the celebration was oriented around Mardi Gras.

Kristina Cusick, the brain behind Town & Parish, said, “I feel strongly about the community, so I wanted to be able to do something smaller that had more of a home-town feeling to it.”

Cusick has been an agent for 14 years now. Her maternal grandparent was a real estate agent, and both of her paternal grandparents owned a real estate agency in Florida. Although they say doing real estate is in her blood, this wasn’t was Cusick planned on doing as a career. However, she says she loves it.

In the next five to ten years, Cusick said, “I hope people think of Town & Parish when they think of real estate. I hope that everyone shares the good experiences they have had, or will have, and that we become a fixture in the parish.”

Forming relationships is also something that is important in business to Cusick. Every month, she and her team will sit down and create handwritten cards of gratitude to their clients.

Another agent, Alicia Gautreau, will be celebrating her sixth year as a real estate agent on February 15, and invites everyone to celebrate with her.

Town & Parish Realty is open Monday through Sunday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., and is located at 16044 Highway 73 in Prairieville.

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