Longest performing Pink Floyd tribute act plays in Baton Rouge

Darian Graivshark
Travis Satterfield, acoustic and electric guitar, lap steel, and vocals.

What's the difference between a cover band and a tribute band?

A cover band will sing different songs from different bands, while a tribute band will focus on songs from one band and focus on perfecting it.

Bricks In The Wall is a Pink Floyd tribute band that played at The Varsity in Baton Rouge on January 19. On January 18, they played in New Orleans with a sold out show at the House of Blues. They are also the longest performing Pink Floyd tribute act in the United States.

The band re-creates what a Pink Floyd live concert would have been like. Bricks In The Wall uses light effects, a laser light show, state-of-the-art video, and a gigantic circular video screen behind them as they play.

Band members include backup singers Tiffany Belle, Jenny Hepworth, and Rachel Beene; Eddie Holyfield, bass guitar and vocals; Vincent Guerin, keyboard and vocals; Travis Satterfield, acoustic and electric guitar, lap steel, and vocals; Keith Williams, saxophone and vocals; Gunter Heydman, guitar and vocals; and Justin Krause, drums.

"I founded Bricks In The Wall back in the late 1990's," Satterfield said. "I really loved Pink Floyd. I basically taught myself how to play guitar to play some of their songs. I decided to create this band to keep the history of Pink Floyd alive, because there really isn't anything like it. Their music and experience was so unique."

Bricks In The Wall have collectively worked together towards recreating the authenticity of a Pink Floyd concert by collecting vintage instruments to use during shows. This helps recreate the sights and sounds of what people would have experienced when Pink Floyd was still playing. Satterfield's prized possession is a vintage Yamaha RA 200 rotating speaker cabinet.

"None of us really knew any of the others when we first joined," Hepworth said. "We kind of found out about it through online posts, like Craigslist. We're all really just a big family now. We joke around with each other and talk to one another like family."

"My favorite part about the shows is when I see little kids, maybe twelve-year-olds, that are enjoying the music," Guerin said. "It's rewarding to be able to give them an experience they might not have had otherwise without our band."

"This is a great way to keep the history of Pink Floyd alive," Belle said. "Recreating the sounds and visuals really gives new listeners, as well as the seasoned listeners, and idea of what it was like during that time."

Typically, the band only travels to places that are drive-able. Sometimes they will go a little north of Oklahoma, perform in Texas, and go down towards Florida. Traveling is expensive, and all of the band members work a regular nine to five job during the weekdays. Bricks In The Wall is something they do for fun and during the weekend usually.

"Everything they make from the shows that they play goes right back into the band. Whether for traveling, visuals, equipment--they don't really try to profit off of it, but try to bring something fun to people while having fun doing it," Ryan Vaughn, light designer and director for Bricks In The Wall, said.

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