Ascension is second most generous parish in Louisiana

Darian Graivshark
Numbers of most generous counties

A study done by SmartAsset from the year 2016 shows the most generous parishes in Louisiana.

The first parish is East Baton Rouge, with 33.4 percent contributing as percent of Income Index, and 49.9 percent on the Most Charitable Counties Index. Right behind East Baton Rouge, though, is Ascension Parish.

Ascension is at 23.3 percent as percent of Income Index. This puts the parish at 47.5 percent on the Most Charitable Counties Index.

To calculate how generous residents were, SmartAsset looked at how much was donated as percent of income, as well as the portion of people who made charitable donations. SmartAsset then calculated this by looking at data from tax returns while subtracting taxes paid, mortgage interest, mortgage points, and mortgage insurance payments from a person's total income. This gave a parish its net income. A parish's total charitable donation was divided by the net income to calculate how much was donated relative to an individuals income.

After all of the calculations, SmartAsset weighed the factors, which would yield the most charitable parishes and their scores.

Tax return information was provided by the IRS by state, county, and size of Adjusted Gross Income.

Julia Wakefield, a Public Relations Representative for SmartAsset, said, "We conduct these studies to get people talking about the different factors they need to consider to help them reach their personal financial goals. Our team of data journalists evaluate and assess the factors that people need to know about to make smart financial decisions."

Their Vice-President of Financial Education, AJ Smith, oversaw the research herself.