A dream come true for local youth

Kathy Fives, Special to the Weekly Citizen
Dillon Regira poses with his first buck.

Its that time of year. Local area parents and their children head outdoors to the deer blinds to hunt the elusive buck.

For most, it is a time of bonding and learning for the kids, who will forever remember their first draw of the crossbow. Most think nothing of it, just another family outing. For someone with Down Syndrome, it is more special than that.

For kids with Down Syndrome, drawing that bow and hitting the target may prove far more difficult to achieve. When Kyle Suire and Andy Fontenot, owners of The Jambalaya Shoppe locations in the area, got wind that their friend's son Dillon Regira hadn't been hunting, they seized the opportunity to grant his wish.

They knew they would need to be patient and break down the task so Dillon could master it. Turns out he is a natural! Dillon Regira, 17 yrs old, experienced a right of passage for any young teen growing up in Ascension Parish - his first deer hunting trip. The hunt was on November 16 at Andy Fontenot's camp in Woodville Mississippi.

"We got to the stand at 3:40 p.m. and at 4:30 we had a eight-point buck with a sixteen-inch spread walk out about 30 yards away" Kyle Suire said.

Dillon shot the deer with a crossbow and made a perfect shot. The deer only ran off 25 yards, and Dillon was thrilled! This is a season of giving back to the community and Dillon's wish was granted by two local business owners. They gave him his once in a lifetime day at the hunting camp.