The RRAAM hosts Lantern Tour during Stroll

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Gaynell Brady played the role of tour guide on the lantern tour.

The River Road African American Museum stated Saturday they have plans to open a new theater in Donaldsonville. They are asking for anyone young and old to reach out if they are interested in learning more about acting in plays.

The museum hosted a "lantern tour" during the Annual Avenue Stroll on Saturday, November 17 that featured educator/owner of Mammy's Gaynell Brady as the tour guide. Additionally, actor Spencer Howard played a Civil War soldier, and Rayshell Ollis played the daughter of the soldier who was briefly reunited with him.

It was a heartfelt tour, which spoke of slavery in the Civil War era and particularly in the Donaldsonville area. The tour also spoke of former Donaldsonville Mayor Pierre Caliste Landry, a former slave who became the first African American Mayor to be elected in the United States. Museum co-director Darryl Hambrick acted the part of Landry.

Anyone interested could take the tour free of cost, starting at the beginning of the Avenue Stroll. Participants were given a lantern to carry around the corner to the old schoolhouse, where most of the tour occurred.

Nutritionist Bianca Plant was nearby, selling her new cookbook,Eating to Live, which celebrates healthy eating.

The River Road African American Museum is always accepting donations. Contact them at 225-474-5553. For more information about Mammy's visit