Louisiana Nursery Home & Garden has annual Ladies Nite Out

Darian Graivshark

Sliding open the door to the greenhouse on Tuesday, November 13 you were welcomed by a Christmas wonderland.

Once inside, you are greeted at the left with a wonderful Peach Bellini to start your night with. Your eyes are filled with gleam by the tall, decorated Christmas trees that sparkle in the light. As you walk further inside, you reach some vendors that are lined up along the walkway.

Many of the vendors that attended the Ladies Nite Out were local businesses. Whether it was handmade salsa, handmade jewelry, products made from honey harvested at home, or some skincare products, one was sure to find a gift that a loved one would enjoy this holiday season.

Making your way to the outside area, there was a table adorned with wine that guests could choose from. Stepping outside, you were greeted with hors d'oeuvres to the left where you could pick and choose what to munch on.

Once you retrieved your food, you could sit in the outside area under some space heaters and listen to Destiny Manzella sing and play the guitar.

"We've had this event every year, at least for the past ten years," John Macmillian, Assistant Manager of Louisiana Nursery Home & Garden, said. "It's mainly just a way to kick off the start of the Christmas season, as well as providing a fun event for the community. We offer 20 percent off our merchandise during the event, live music, food, and then drinks to choose from."

Louisiana Nursery Home & Garden is located at 39245 Highway 42 in Prairieville.

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