Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office has annual SALT Expo

Darian Graivshark
Sheriff Jeff Wiley addresses guests at the SALT Expo.

Safety is a number one priority for many of us.

With over 350 senior citizens throughout the parish, many of them united on November 13 for the search for safety tips. The Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office graciously hosted their annual Seniors and Lawmen Together Expo (SALT), which focuses on crime prevention.

There were over 30 vendors at the event that offered the senior guests information on things like insurance, hearing help, home health services, crimes stoppers, and many more. Many of the tables gave away free goodies and brochures with information. There were also giveaways and door prizes at the expo.

A complimentary lunch would be served, but before that, people from the Sheriff's Office shed some free, easy tips on how to be safe.

"Lock you cars, always," Sheriff Jeff Wiley said. "Most of the time when someone reports that their car was broken into, it's because the owner didn't lock their car. If you receive a spam call, don't entertain them. Never do business over the phone. When you're not sure about something trust your intuition, especially a woman's intuition. Finally, report something suspicious. If there is a stranger in your yard, don't be afraid to call the office. I can tell you that our officer's will be coming if you report something."

Many are aware that Wiley spoke about stepping down as Sheriff if his daughter, Erin Wiley Lanoux, was voted as the next Parish Court Judge. Since she was elected, he will be stepping down and spoke about this new journey he will be experiencing during the expo.

"Even with my retirement, I know you all are in incredibly good hands with the people that we have on our teams," he said. "With my leaving, I am hoping to work on being a better Christian, a better dad, and a better pawpaw. I hope what I do after this is the equivalent to the many sacrifices all of you have taken in your jobs and family life. I'd like to thank you all for believing in me, believing in us, and for allowing us to build on the foundation of those who have come before us. I don't deserve all of the love that I have received from all of you, but I have truly enjoyed the time I have had to serve all of you. Thank you."

Chief Sherman Jackson of the Gonzales Police Department said, "That man has done so much for our parish. He knew how to make you express yourself. I just want to thank everyone for coming today and supporting us in all that we do."

Following the speeches, lunch was served. Santa Clause walked around the Trademart Building at Lamar-Dixon to greet guests and spread the Christmas cheer.

Bobby Webre will be taking Jeff Wiley's place as Ascension Parish Sheriff.

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