Prevost Memorial Hospital becomes a national leader by joining national fitness campaign

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Rendering of Prevost Memorial Fitness park, coming soon.

City leaders, residents, local businesses, and community groups in Donaldsonville, Louisiana have rallied together in pursuit of health and wellness. Thanks to the outstanding hard work of the City of Donaldsonville Healthcare & Wellness Committee and the incredible generosity of Prevost Memorial Hospital, Donaldsonville will join the nation by making fitness “free for all” in the city.

We were so delighted to receive the initial grant to have this opportunity for Donaldsonville, and even more proud when Prevost agreed to fund the program,” said Elizabeth Eure, Chair of the City of Donaldsonville Healthcare & Wellness Committee. “For over a year, we have been constructing our healthcare platform which was derived from feedback from a number of community town hall meetings back in 2016,” she said. “We already have a walking path on the levee near the Mississippi River and are working on creating connections into the city’s upcoming interpretive walking tour panels and eventually to the Bayou Lafourche Paddle Park; all initiatives upcoming in 2019 to provide health opportunities through walking and rowing while enjoying the beauty of our city and at the same time providing health information regarding calorie counts, stretching, and other learning opportunities through signage to improve the lives of our citizens. This program offered us another opportunity to connect with a part of the community where we have not yet been able to launch an initiative,” she concluded.

The Prevost Memorial Fitness park is a state-of-the-art outdoor fitness facility which will be located near the hospital and will offer opportunities for individualized workout routines as well as events and activities such as competitions and fitness challenges,” said Vince Cataldo, Prevost Hospital Administrator. “We are also looking forward to offering extended services and connections to our hospital dietitian in order to offer services who will participate in Prevost’s upcoming health and fitness programs,” he said. “We look forward to working more with the City’s Healthcare & Wellness Committee to partner on further programs including a weight loss initiative that will launch in 2019 which will help us achieve our hospital’s vision to be recognized as a vital healthcare resource in the communities we serve,” he concluded.

The programs are all designed to further the hospital’s mission to provide the highest quality healthcare in a prudent and efficient manner while meeting the health needs of the people with compassion, respect, and dignity. Prevost has been a participant in the City’s Healthcare Committee since its inception back in 2017.

We are happy about the Committee’s work on all of these initiatives,” said Mayor Leroy J. Sullivan, Sr. “This committee has worked for nearly two years to create a program that will help our citizens achieve their healthcare goals, and I look forward to all of the other programs they have planned,” he said. The National Fitness Campaign Fitness Court is just one large accomplishment from a long list of other programs to come.”

The Fitness Court is a best-in-class outdoor bodyweight circuit training system, which uses bodyweight for circuit training and is designed for adults of all ages and abilities. Each Fitness Court features 30 individual pieces of equipment, a shock-resistant sports flooring, and is comprised of exercise stations that allow for up to 28 individuals to use the Court at the same time.

The National Fitness Campaign’s outdoor bodyweight circuit-training system features a series of full-body exercises that can be completed in just seven minutes. "7 Movements in 7 Minutes" is a simple yet powerful workout created for a range of athletic abilities, and is optimally performed on the Fitness Court. Developed by experts in the field, each exercise takes 45 seconds, with a 15-second interlude between sets, and is shown to burn more calories per minute than most other forms of exercise. The program is adaptable and offers a beginner, intermediate and advanced routine and accommodates a variety of skill levels and abilities at each station, from beginner to expert. Each piece of equipment allows users to leverage their bodyweight at different angles and levels of resistance as a tool to improve over time. In addition to the 7 Movements in 7 Minutes training system, the Fitness Court can be used in thousands of ways and variations. The possibilities for custom movements and routines are endless.

The Fitness Court builds community while being fun to use and includes a Mobile App so participants can easily personalize each and every workout. From how-to videos to learn the basics of every routine, to heart-pumping guided circuits led by personal trainers, the program can get you moving. The App also keeps score, allows for healthy competition between family and workout partners and offers a new seven-minute NFC Challenge!

The court is low maintenance and allows bodies to move, not the equipment and is large measuring over 1,000 square foot of workout space.

Residents are encouraged to stay tuned as a grand opening will be announced soon. For more information about the court or other city revitalization committees, contact City Hall at 225-473-4247 ext. 10.

Contributed by Donaldsonville Downtown Development District