Pediatric Therapy Solutions holds PAL Program

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Young children had an exceptional morning on October 17 at Pediatric Therapy Solutions when the Prairieville Fire Dept. showed them a real fire truck.

The toddlers and therapists enjoyed a fun tour of the firetruck and a photo opportunity outside of the clinic, located at 37283 Swamp Road, Suite 501.

Occupational Therapist and Owner of Pediatric Therapy Solutions Danielle Saunders Mixon said the idea was to teach the toddlers about community helpers. Her clinic originated with 2-3 patients and has grown to see almost 300 patients a week.

"I started the business after my son recovered from his autistic symptoms with unique types of therapy that I did," Mixon said. "He had a full recovery. We started initially working only with kids with autism, but now we've branched out to work with people who have all types of challenges."

Their motto is "Helping little people do BIG things."

"It's the most rewarding job ever," Mixon said.

"We enjoy doing this kind of thing," a local firefighter of 19 years said. "This is our 'Fire Prevention Month,' so we go out and show the truck a bunch."