Gonzales Lions Club offers free eye screenings in Donaldsonville

Darian Graivshark
This machine takes a picture of a child's eyes.

We tend to believe younger children always have the best of eyes when it comes to vision, but sometimes that may not be true.

It's important to evaluate the vision of a child, even if they are young. Luckily, there are people in our community, like the Gonzales Lions Club, who are dedicated to the well-being of children and making sure they receive care that they need as they continue to grow.

"The Lions Club offers this screening every year, free of charge, for children who are in Pre-K," Roxanne Skias, secretary of the Gonzales Lions Club said. "We target Pre-K group because many schools provide these free screenings only once they reach Kindergarten and beyond."

Not only does the Lions Club offer this free screening, but also eyeglass and eye care programs.

"Through our Cubsight Program, we are able to help provide prescription glasses for people who may not be able to afford them," Rhonda Lamendola, president of the Gonzales Lions Club said. "We do this through fundraisers and other types of events."

The examination was quick and easy for the children. They just had to sit down and look into a small, hand held machine that took a photo of their eyes and determined whether they may need glasses or not. Afterwards, they were rewarded with a sticker for a job well done.

Not only were eye exams going on here, but hearing exams too. The hearing exams determined whether or not a child may have a hearing impairment. This is something the Gonzales Lions Club has also branched into. Instead of just providing eye care and eyeglasses, they have begun working on providing hearing aids for those who cannot afford the care for that.

If you've ever had a passion for helping your community and being involved, the Gonzales Lions Club is a great place to begin.

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