Cajun Country Quilters and NEWSONG Church volunteers make quilts for foster children

Darian Graivshark
Volunteers for the quilt program take a group photo holding up their works.

When you think of filling a duffle bag, the first items that come to mind may be your workout clothes or clothes you may need to wash. However, for Family Services, their goal is to fill duffle bags with comfort items for foster children.

Ladies from Cajun Country Quilters, and NEWSONG Church, are volunteering to make quilts that go into these duffle bags and are given to children in foster care as they enter a new home.

"The quilts are a form of comfort while children go through a rather difficult time," Amy Velez, CEO of Express Employment, said.

Velez is working with Family Services, the quilters, and "My Belongings" to help expand the program.

At First Baptist Church in Gonzales, many of these volunteers have been quilting all morning in order to get many of the quilts sent off and delivered to the children. They successfully finished 10 quilts as lunch time approached. Their goal is to have 200 duffle bags filled with quilts.

There are many different patterns and colors, ranging from Winnie the Pooh to some red fire truck prints. Many of the pieces of fabrics came from Cottage Creations and Quilts in St. Gabriel, owned by Daisy Comeaux, who graciously donated some fabric while also volunteering and sewing some quilts.

"These quilts go to Family Services of St. Gabriel Parish, which is a Parish we have expanded into," said Velez. "They are also provided in Ascension, Assumption, Iberville, St. James, and St. John Parishes."

Duffle bags are given to children starting as a newborn and up until the age of 17.

Since the "My Belongings" program isn't something that is established in Louisiana, many of the volunteers and the organizations involved hope this program will continue to grow along the river parishes, and Louisiana, as a whole.

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