Alligator Bayou Road Completely Open to Traffic

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa announced today that Alligator Bayou Road, which becomes Manchac Road in Iberville Parish, is now completely open to traffic.

During the August 2016 flood, a cut was made in the road to drain water into Bayou Manchac. The cut has been repaired and the road repaved. The Ascension section of the road has been open since June. Iberville Parish, too, made adjustments to the road and opened its section this week.

The East Ascension Drainage Board is pursuing a permit to construct a floodgate at Fish Bayou.

“This is a highly populated area of the Parish, and with the opening of the Bluff Road overpass, we are providing them with much needed traffic relief,” said Matassa. “A special thanks to our DPW crews for working so smoothly with our neighbors in Iberville Parish.”

Councilwoman Teri Casso, who represents the area, said, “I want to thank President Matassa for all his help to get Alligator Bayou Road ready to go.”

“The people of District 8 have been very patient with this repair and the Bluff Road overpass,” said Casso. “I caution them now, as through traffic returns to the area and school begins, to drive safely, pay attention to school zones and leave early to avoid being rushed.”

Contributed by Ascension Parish Government