LaFASA information comes in five new languages

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault (LaFASA) is excited to announce that integral information regarding sexual abuse is now available in five (5) different languages. In our ongoing outreach efforts, LaFASA has had vital information about prevention, healing, survivors’ rights and sexual assault in the LGBTQ+ community made understandable for those who speak Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Every 98 seconds, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted.* In turn, reaching as many people in Louisiana with essential sexual violence material is a crucial goal that LaFASA is meeting.

For those in marginalized and non-English speaking communities, reaching out for sexual assault assistance and resources is rarely an option. There is a lurking fear of bringing attention to an assault due to a lack of trust in authoritative figures. Victims in these communities fear they will be misunderstood, be mistreated, be detained, be arrested, or be deported as a result of seeking information or coming forward with an assault. However, survivors still need information.

LaFASA made it a priority to make information accessible and understandable to these groups. Community members can visit the LaFASA website and get information without apprehension. The page: has links to a multitude of brochures with in-depth and useful information. Browsers have the option to read the information online or download it for personal use.

LaFASA is dedicated to eliminate sexual violence through program support, education, and social change. LaFASA is the coalition agency that serves statewide sexual assault crisis centers through education, professional training, technical assistance, and community engagement resulting in safer, healthier, stronger, and better-informed communities throughout Louisiana. The website is The toll-free number is 888-995-7273.

Please feel free to contact LaFASA for any further information regarding LaFASA or translated sexual assault materials.

Contributed by LaFASA