New digital currency Moxey expands the Ascension Parish business network

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Local businesses have a new tool for growth – Moxey. Moxey provides companies with a new network of customers. This new currency improves cash flow management and increases employee recruitment and retention.

“Moxey’s goal is to help members thrive in business and life,” said Charlie Davis, President of Moxey. "We perform well for businesses. Our members are joining a network of thousands of businesses that are not using the traditional money to buy, sell, or pay for everyday expenses. And we've seen that open up the hidden potential for businesses."

Last year, Moxey processed 100,000 transactions totaling more than 20 million in volume. Starting today, Moxey will be linking businesses in Ascension with thousands of other businesses across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Davis said that they plan to open the market to consumers as soon as possible. For now, Moxey is focused on helping businesses and their employees.

The local Moxey community is being run by Tim Bergstresser, founder of the JTEX Trade Exchange Network. Tim has been involved in the trade industry since 2008 when he owned an advertising business. Before JTEX, he was the Chief Operation Officer for several large non-profits where he spent his time coaching, training staff, and volunteers, managing Boards of Directors and fundraising.

Tim founded JTEX in 2012 with four business owners, Dr, Gray Bailey, Absolute Quality Dentistry; Jack LeBlac, LeBlanc Tile; Michelle Tranchina, St. Micelle Day Spa; and Paul Salvant, The Bug Man.

“Tim is a well-respected business executive, and we’re glad to have him leading our team in Ascension Parish," said Warren Sager, Vice President of Operations for Moxey.

“The best part about working with Moxey is helping small businesses grow,” said Tim Bergstresser. “I can’t tell you how many times a business owner has told me how grateful they are that our organization exists. Sometimes we make a small difference and help a company hire a new employee, open a new office, or pay for a marketing campaign. But sometimes we are the difference between the owner keeping the doors open, or going out of business.”

“With competition so stiff today, Moxey helps drive those customers past my competition and through my business doors,” said Tracey Zimmerman of Kopy Kats.

“I love taking payment in Moxey dollars. It frees up my cash and sends me clients I may have never captured. I've been taking JTEX dollars, and now Moxey, at St. Michel Day Spa for over 15 years. My trade clients pass right over my competitors and know they can spend their Moxey with me,” Michelle Tranchina of St. Michal Day Spa said.

“The best way to make Moxey work is to identify ways to “spend" Moxey dollars on something that you otherwise would have paid for with cash. I just spent $1,500 Moxey dollars on advertising. That's $1,500 in cash that I didn't spend," said Paul Salvant of The Bug Man. "We pay on trade for landscaping and lots of other great things that our business needs.”

Businesses in Ascension Parish and surrounding areas who want to learn more about Moxey can visit the Moxey website at www.Moxey.Money or call Tim at 225-205-9639.

Contributed by Moxey