Clarks Landscaping donates gardens to Weekly Citizen

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Out with the old! Owner and President of Clark's Landscaping Jared Clark (right) oversees his crew removing the old bushes from in front of the office.

The office building of the Weekly Citizen, which also houses the staff for the Marketeer and The Donaldsonville Chief has received a gift for the spring from Jared Clark, Owner and President of Gonzales-based Clark's Landscaping.

Clark noticed one day after visiting the office that the front of the building, which is admittedly still under some maintenance considerations, could use a little help. A few weeks later Clark appeared with a crew of three workers and got busy removing the old-fashioned, eyesore bushes and replaced them with new flowering plants.

The crew showed up in two waves. The first was for removal and weed killing - the old bushes were heavily rooted - and the second day was to plant. The crew was friendly and professional and deserve their recognition.

Clark's services homes in the Baton Rouge area. Jared Clark is a young business owner, who is extremely knowledgeable about landscaping. He's been working on yards for well over a decade. He envisions a city that takes more pride in its landscape, and he is in business to help. The company's mission is to 1. Customize each Outdoor Space. 2. Create Opportunity in all we do. 3. Cultivate Style through our vision.

Taken from Clarks' Facebook page (

"President/Owner Jared Clark is the main visionary as his attention to detail and creative designs manage to collaborate, yet cultivate a style from each of his clients. Just as there is no home, landscape, or outdoor space that is just alike, we recognize that fact is just as true for a client and their style. That is why Jared ensures each project is customized and personal, yet still blending his vision."

Contact Clark's for your landscaping needs at 225-953-2130.

Thanks for donating to the Weekly Citizen!