Prevost celebrates 50 years in D'ville

Halen Doughty
Prevost's Hospital Administrator Mr. Vince Cataldo.

Prevost Memorial Hospital celebrated 50 years serving the Donaldsonville community. Refreshments were served on Monday as the hospital welcomed patients and guests to the event. Information was also available on the many specialized resources offered at the medical facility.

One of the unique services offered at Prevost is specialized wound care. Community Educator Tony Naquin said on Mondays and Wednesdays patients can come receive treatment for any kind of break in the skin from diabetic foot ulcers to traumatic wounds. Two physicians are available at the wound treatment center.

"It can be something as easy as a minor burn to somebody that had some kind of abdominal surgery and their incision has busted open and not healing," said Naquin. "You name it any break in the skin. It's just a really awesome service, and a lot of people around here don't know that it's here and available to them."

Prevost is home to some of the latest technology in medicine, like a tell-stroke robot. Dr. Ben Idowu said the machine allows doctors at Prevost to communicate with specialists around the world. The technology helps those physicians make a proper diagnosis in a timely manner without the patient having to schedule multiple appointments potentially at far-away facilities.

"I could be here at Prevost and be talking live to a physician in Washington or even Australia," said Dr. Idowu. "So this allows for an expert, a consultant, in a remote area to be able to actually examine a patient here at Prevost and make a diagnosis based on the examination and other information given to the physician in order to come up with a treatment for the patient."

Hospital Administrator Mr. Vince Cataldo said it's very exciting to celebrate half a century in Donaldsonville. He said construction began on the hospital in 1966, and the doors were opened on February 18, 1968. Cataldo has been at the hospital since it opened, climbing the ranks from lab technician to administrator, a position he's held since 1990.

"For us to have survived 50 years in the healthcare industry, it's all because we have good, loyal people that support us, and we have an excellent medical staff and excellent board of directors," said Mr. Cataldo. "It's been a pleasure being able to take care of the health needs of the community for the past 50 years."

Much has changed in the last half-a-century. Prevost added a new emergency room in 2010. It was also the second hospital in the state to acquire a 3D mammographer. Prevost even showcases the new equipment to other medical facilities in the state looking for new technology. New chemistry analyzers and ultrasounds have been added in recent years as well.

It was a celebration of community and health at Prevost on Monday. DJs from local radio station KKAY were on hand with music, and raffle tickets were available for a chance to win gift cards and other door prizes.

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