Mary Bird Perkins offers survivorship services in Gonzales

Halen Doughty
Petronilla Neal, cancer survivor, decorates her mask during the first healing arts program event at Mary Bird Perkins in Gonzales. The Cancer Center recently launched its THRIVE survivorship program, funded by the Gonzales Area Foundation.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center is now offering survivorship services for Ascension Parish residents at the Gonzales location. The services are available thanks to the support from the Gonzales Area Foundation.

Patients undergoing treatment and those who have completed treatment at any facility in the region can access the services through the THRIVE survivorship program. The therapies offered can help manage emotional, physical, social, and spiritual challenges that cancer patients may face. The research-based services are also available to caregivers to help provide extra support during their loved one's journey.

“We are proud to be able to help fund these services locally for our Ascension Parish residents,” said DeEtte DeArmond, founding member of Gonzales Area Foundation. “Survivorship services are a key element of comprehensive cancer care and each person contributing to the Foundation helps make it possible for Ascension Parish residents to have access to these vital services for survivors and their loved ones.”

The THRIVE program offers mind-body support groups, art workshops, walking groups, therapeutic massages, health and wellness counseling, and more to help patients reach their physical and emotional health goals. Participants can also choose to work with the survivorship coordinator for one-on-one sessions in person and over the phone.

Mary Bird Perkins Survivorship Coordinator Rachel Mumphrey said the new THRIVE program will “help individuals live a full and meaningful life following a cancer diagnosis.” She emphasizes that the program practices “Mind-body medicine that focuses on how our thoughts and feelings affect our healing” and can help in the long-term health restorative process.

For more information on the THRIVE program, visit or call 225-644-1205.

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