Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats opens in Gonzales

Halen Doughty
Meats on display for take-out at Bergeron's.

More lunch options are popping up in Gonzales, and Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats is now open in the new shopping center at 3005 W. Cabela's Parkway. The Gonzales location opened this week and is part of the franchise established in Port Allen when local chef Craig "Moonie" Bergeron first opened the doors in 2003.

Manager Hershall Bergeron said the Gonzales location features a meat market as well as a deli restaurant. He said they offer plate lunches every day Monday through Friday. The lunch specials vary from day to day, and there's a BBQ buffet on Saturdays as well as a brunch buffet on Sundays. He added the large portion size is perfect for the hungry guys who work at the nearby plants.

"Us guys, we like to eat," said Bergeron. "So we've got big portions, and we're not scared to serve people. Mooney's big thing is all about the customer eating a lot and coming back."

Bergeron said on their second day in business there wasn't an open seat in the house. Around lunchtime, there were even people standing and waiting for a table to open up. Outdoor seating is available when the weather warms up. The meat market features a variety of homemade pork sausages, boudin, and other cajun classics.

It's great dishes like their homemade po-boys with cajun chips and their famous chick patty that keep customers flocking to the store. He said they have boudin balls, meat pies, crawfish pies, chicken wings, and pork wings from a few flying pigs. Also on the menu is the deer burrito, which Bergeron said is the best he's ever had.

Bergeron said it's exciting to bring this family-oriented business to Ascension Parish. Bergeron's, he said, is all about the Father, friends, food, and family. He said they love taking care of people and serving up some delicious food.

"We're so glad to be in Ascension Parish it's not even funny," said Bergeron.

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