Prairieville residents go weeks without trash pickup

Halen Doughty

Garbage fills the driveways of many homes in Prairieville after residents say Waste Pro has not picked up their trash in weeks. Complaints have been filed with the trash pickup company, but trucks have yet to scoop up the garbage sitting along the roadside.

Ascension Parish Councilman Aaron Lawler shares the frustrations of his constituents. He said he's even called the company himself to no avail. Waste Pro representatives have repeatedly told customers service was on its way, but that has not been the case. Lawler said the company cited the holidays and employees calling in sick as reasons the trash has not been removed.

"I just don't understand because it's not like Christmas is a surprise," said Lawler. "It's been on the calendar for 2,000 years. What about planning ahead?"

Lawler said some residents have decided to haul their own trash off to the dump. But that doesn't sit well with the residents who pay a monthly fee to have their garbage picked up once a week. The councilman said customers can fill out a form to receive a credit on their bills for the weeks they went without service.

Lawler said it's frustrating for the citizens who have weeks' worth of holiday leftovers and gift wrapping sitting in their yards. He said while the company has stated they are working to remove the garbage, they are not even close. He noted trash has not been picked up since before Christmas. The misleading conversations with company reps is the biggest concern.

With garbage bags filled with food sitting out for weeks, it's no surprise animals are starting to tear into the bags in search of their own holiday treats. Lawler said if the company would simply tell residents when they can reasonably expect their garbage removed, they could hold off on setting food out by the road.

"If you tell me it will be four days, at least then I can plan accordingly," said Lawler.

Waste Pro could see an outflow of customers following the incident. Lawler said in Ascension Parish, residents have options when it comes to who takes care of their trash service. He recommends that customers fill out the form online and continue to try to contact the company, since there's nothing he can do as a councilman.

The Weekly Citizen made numerous attempts to contact Waste Pro's Geismar office, but it appeared as though the line was temporarily out of service. Residents can fill out the form to receive a credit on their bill here (

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