Women’s Advisory Council scholarship recipients

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Ranee Rogers-Voorhies (Co-chair), Sue Knight, Kerry Songy (Chair), Medley Ziegler, Mrs. Ziegler, Charla Johnson

The St. Elizabeth Women's Advisory Council recently awarded two $500.00 scholarships. The most recent recipients of the scholarships are Medley Ziegler, and Yuri Romero.

Ziegler is a senior-level nursing student at SELU. Romero is currently enrolled in Our Lady of the Lake College/ Franciscan University.

Kerry Songy, Women's Advisory Council Chairperson stated, “It’s so heartwarming to help make a difference in these young people’s lives. There is such a need for great nurses in our community, and our council is impassioned with regards to the important role nurses play in health care."

"This scholarship is so helpful in my nursing degree endeavor,” stated Medley Ziegler. “I am so

appreciative, and am excited to start my career.”

The St. Elizabeth Women's Advisory Council was formed to enhance the communication between the hospital and the greater Ascension Parish community, fostering a better understanding of the services provided by St. Elizabeth Hospital and Physicians. The Women's Advisory Council provides four nursing scholarships each year.

Contributed by the St. Elizabeth Women's Advisory Council.