Three Dutchtown alumni embark on sneaker business venture

Halen Doughty
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Three graduates of Dutchtown High School have teamed up to launch a website selling high-end sneakers. Alan Hidalgo graduated in 2014, just a few years after now-NY Giants safety Landon Collins and NFL prospect Shaquille Lewis. The three embarked on a business venture together and launched the website, which carries a variety of designer sneakers through partner vendors.

SoleSearching is an online E-commerce store that sells a mixed variety of sneakers, apparel, streetwear, and high end designer fashion pieces. Our online marketplace features some of the most top-notch brands such as Adidas, Nike, Air Jordans, Supreme, Yeezys, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and many more brands.

"We offer products for men, women, and kids. With our unique style that offers an unforgettable customer experience, and our competitive pricing, we want to become your main source for all your sneaker and designer needs," said Hidalgo.

It all got started when Lewis told Hidalgo about selling a pair of Yeezys for a massive profit. That's when Hidalgo got the idea to do just that on a larger scale, selling tons of shoes in an online store. Collins also got on board, explaining he wanted to develop his entrepreneurial portfolio while continuing to establish himself in the NFL.

"With my experience in E-commerce business and marketing, and his expertise in sports, we knew we had something that would be huge!" Hidalgo said.

Hidalgo said they are working to add consignment to their site, allowing customers to sell their designer shoes on the site while still pocketing the profit. Also in the works is an app, as Hidalgo said most people want quick user-friendly shopping options. Once the capital is secured for those expansions, they plan to give back to people in need.

"We want to make the company profitable enough that we can eventually do give-a-ways to kids in need, scholarships for marketing and fashion majors, give back to people who need help, something we are extremely all 3 passionate about," said Hidalgo.

Hidalgo said at Dutchtown, Collins was the school's star athlete, attracting national headlines for his talents and the controversy over a Louisiana standout attending LSU's top rival, Alabama. Lewis played football at Louisiana College and is currently an NFL prospect.

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