Gonzales Garden Club Yards of the Month

Patti Mouton / Special to Weekly Citizen

The Gonzales Garden Club chose this beautiful home on S. Tiffani for its overall curb appeal as November’s Residential Yard of the Month. The black rocking chairs, garden statuary, and autumn decor nicely accessorized the home’s facade. The porch beds of agapanthus and impatiens spread out to gardenia, marigolds, camellia, miniature roses, and knockout roses. Six live oaks formed a shady grove in the front and side yards. The pampered lawn was a cool thick cushion of weed-free St. Augustine completely devoid of disease or insect damage. Its uniquely beveled edging was the detailed craftsmanship of a seasoned barber. The spotless walkway and driveway concrete further supported the meticulous nature of these Gonzales homeowners. This is the residence of Louisiana State Representative Johnny Berthelot and his wife Paula Chauvin Berthelot.

Next, a new strip mall at 12550 Airline Hwy. was chosen as Commercial Landscape of the Month by the Gonzales Garden Club for its many neatly mulched beds of flowering shrubs and young trees. The office of Adam McCarty’s State Farm Insurance Agency anchors the development.