Cost of Thanksgiving meal cheaper this year

Neil Melancon, La. Farm Bureau Federation / Special to The Chief, Weekly Citizen

If you’re buying your family’s Thanksgiving meal this year, good news—it’s the cheapest it’s been in several years.

According to the latest American Farm Bureau Marketbasket survey, this year’s 16-item meal costs $49.12, the lowest since 2014 and the second-lowest since 2011. The survey includes Louisiana surveys, which found a price drop of a little less than two percent from 2016.

“Our farmers and ranchers work hard not just to bring in the harvest for Thanksgiving, but each day of the year,” said Ronnie Anderson, president of the Louisiana Farm Bureau. “We continue to have the safest and most affordable food supply in the world. The work our farmers do allows everyone in the U.S. the opportunities they have and, of course, to enjoy an wonderful holiday meal.”

This year’s survey for Louisiana found the total price at $43.27 vs. $46.47 in 2016. Most of that difference was in the difference in the price of turkey. A large stockpile of frozen turkeys is depressing prices nationally and sales to clean out inventories prior to Thanksgiving saw steep discounts in the state.

Prices showed a great deal of variation in 2017 and depended greatly on each item, as well as the area where they were purchased.

Here is a compiled list of each survey item from the state:

Frozen, Self-Basting Young Tom Turkey: $13.36; Cube Stuffing (Herb Seasoned), 14 oz. package: $2.89; Enriched Brown & Serve Rolls, 12 oz./12 per package: $2.95; Fresh Sweet Potatoes, 3-lbs: $2.94; Veggie Tray (carrots and celery) 1-lb: $1.30; Whole Milk, 1-gal: $4.04; Libby's Easy Pumpkin Pie Mix, 30 oz. can: $3.37; Fresh Cranberries, 12 oz. package: $1.83; Whipped Cream, 1/2 pint carton: $1.68; Frozen Green Peas, 16 oz. package: $1.63; 9" Frozen Pie Shells, 2 per package: $4.57; Miscellaneous ingredients (Eggs, Flour, Evaporated Milk): $2.72

The Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation is the state’s largest general farm organization. The complete national survey can be found here: More information can be found at