Leading Ladies: Introducing the Stars of Rightful

Halen Doughty
Female cast of Rightful, currently being shot in Donaldsonville, La. Left to right: Carmen Pitts, Ashley Whelan, Aubree Storm, and Sara Morgan

Horror, suspense, drama, and a cast of lovely ladies - "Rightful" has it all. The independent film currently in the making in Donaldsonville features some bright young stars. Four women star in the production that's sure to be a horror hit, and you may know some of the cast.

Up-and- coming actress Ashley Whelan plays the lead role, Lyndsy. It's her first lead role in a feature film, but you've probably seen her on screen before. She's landed some major commercial gigs for Samsung, Best Buy, Lincoln, and Volkswagen, just to name a few. She's also made appearances in music videos with music icons like Keith Urban.

Whelan attended the College of Charleston for theatre and communications. She's also done improv in Austin and taken acting classes in Los Angeles. She's worked as a writer and producer for her own short films. Taking on a lead in a film is a new challenge she said she's excited to take on.

Whelan said that in the movie Lyndsy is broke after losing her job. Things seem too good to be true when she learns she's inherited a piece of land that could put some money in her pocket. The star explained her character is suspicious but excited about the prospect. Whelan described her character as kind and determined, cautious and strong, and cool and casual. She said Lyndsy is here to figure out what’s going on.

Lyndsy's best friend in the film is Sarah, played by Aubree Storm. For Justin Bieber fans, Storm needs no introduction. You may have seen her dancing on stage with Bieber as the pop sensation traveled the country on tour. She said things worked out perfectly when the mega star cut his fall tour short, giving her the chance to take on the role of Sarah in the film.

If you' re not aBelieber, you still may have seen Storm in her work as a dancer in numerous box office hits. She's graced the screen on "High School Musical," "Step Brothers," and "Glee" as a dancer in some of the break out songs.

Storm said her character is the responsible big sister of the group who's trying to make sure nothing goes awry. This leading role in a horror film is certainly a stark contrast to her other roles in happy musical numbers. Storm said she's most excited about some of the scarier scenes in the film, when she'll get a chance to put her stunt experience to use running from the bad guys.

The film’s comic relief comes from twins Jamie and Chloe, played by Carmen Pitts and Sara Morgan. Pitts was working as a stand in on BET’s “The Quad” when she got a call from her agency about the part. A little over a year later, she landed the major role.

The horror role is a far cry from her musical theatre experience, and taking on a leading part is vastly different than working as a stand in. Pitts said it’s a fun change to be the one receiving direction and getting hair and makeup done, as opposed to watching from the sidelines.

Pitts described her character as a self-centered fashionista who’s obsessed with her phone. Jamie, she said, is not bright and usually makes light of things, an unfortunate character flaw when two angry spirits are out to get you.

Jamie’s twin, Chloe, shares many of those traits, as the two appear to be identical in almost every way. A University of Alabama student, Morgan is putting her acting lessons to good use taking on the role of Jamie’s equally-ditzy sister. Morgan has worked in music videos for artists like Brett Young, as well as commercials for Snapchat and other major corporations.

Morgan is traveling back and forth between Donaldsonville and Huntsville, Ala., to play the city girl who, like her sister, has a hard time putting down her phone. She said Chloe adds a comedic element to an overall intense movie.

Also making an appearance in the film is Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan. He could be seen taking a stroll across St. Patrick’s Street for his cameo in the movie. The filmmakers have said Sullivan and other city officials played a major role in obtaining filming permits and securing housing and site locations. Sullivan will play the mayor of the South Carolina town in which the production is set.

Filming wraps up on November 21. For more information visit or follow Rightful the Movie on social media.

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