Note from the editor: Chateau D'Ville found in compliance

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Paige Guidry, who filed a complaint against Chateau D'Ville nursing home sent The Donaldsonville Chief a copy of the letter she received from the Louisiana Department of Health on August 3.

The letter states: "Non-compliance with the regulations on the part of the facility could not be determined based on the review of the relevant evidence by the investigative team."

The letter adds," It should be emphasized that the agency's complaint investigations are not done to determine whether or not an alleged incident actually occurred. Instead the investigation is conducted to determine whether a facility's practice(s) related to an alleged incident failed to follow state and federal regulatory requirements."

We wish to extend warm condolences and prayers to the family of Joe Crochet and also to Willie Marshall. We are happy that Chateau D'Ville was found in compliance, but we are thankful for those who reached out to us regarding their troubles with the facility. Please remain vigilant in all areas of suspected wrongdoings in the Ascension community, and know that you may always have a voice with The Donaldsonville Chief and Weekly Citizen newspapers.


Update 8/9:

It was brought to our attention today that Guidry's complaint to the Louisiana Department of Health to which this response was received was made two weeks prior to the incident with the call button. It was not made in retaliation. We apologize that this was not made clear initially.