Gym Owner's Antagonizing Facebook Post Causes Backlash

Greg Fischer

Gonzales businessman Felix Lipoma continues to stand by a viral Facebook post he created, even though it has caused threats upon his life.

In fairness, Lipoma's post from January 21, 2017 includes harrowing remarks directed at people who participated in the Women's March on Washington. Remarks such as, "I know all the bitches who are bitching are not single, right?" and, "Tomorrow is [declared] bitch backhand or open hand day."

The name, Felix Lipoma, was reportedly searched for on Facebook 50,000 times soon after the post was made. Over 1,000 comments were left on the post. People also sent Lipoma direct messages, e-mails, and telephone calls.

"Many have threatened to kill me. 'We got people who are going to find you.' 'We know where you live,' I don't care," Lipoma said. "I really don't care, because everyone I tell to come over and do what you got to do, they're in another state."

Lipoma, a muscle-bound trainer, said that he doesn't feel threatened in the least. "Because you know why? I stand up for what I think is right, and if I think that Donald Trump is the best President, that's my prerogative."

It may not surprise anyone then that a blogger has referred to Lipoma as an "Unhinged Trump Supporter." Lipoma responded by saying that there have been times when the President was elected that he did not want to win, and he accepted it. He also added that he understands that women are protesting non-violently.

"Some bitches just have their feathers ruffled," Lipoma said. He has been called out for being a coward and one who is advocating for domestic violence. But he claims people are simply making something out of nothing.

Lipoma has three kids but is proudly unmarried. "I don't want to be married because of bipolar women just like the ones coming at me. I love my life. I've been in business 32 years. I've been in several businesses, and I am totally, one hundred percent against domestic violence."

Adam Sibley is a deputy of the Iberville Parish SWAT unit. He's a father of two, a boy and a girl, and he has a Marine Corps background. He is fit and tattooed, and he appears to be missing one eye.

Sibley leases part of the building where Lipoma's gym is located for a program called S.I.C.A., Sibley's Integrated Combative Arts. He teaches Krav Maga, originally a self-defense system created for the Israel Defense Forces, to both men and women there.

"[Lipoma] seems to get along with everybody for the most part around here," Sibley said. "He's quick to help people, and quick to offer advice. He seems to be a lighthearted fellow, quick to joke with and easy to talk to. As far as the [Facebook] post, it would seem out of character as to the way it was taken. Right now America in and of itself is a powder keg."

Perhaps seemingly ironic, Lipoma also trains women in self-defense at his gym.

"I made a joke," Lipoma said. "I made a joke and who got mad? Women marching with pink p—— on their heads."

More people than Lipoma seems to realize are offended by his words, both men and women. If there is any doubt to this fact, simply peruse the comment section of the Facebook post.

"They've been belittling me and my whole family," Lipoma said. "They've posted the address of my business and where I live all over Facebook. They're even going so low as to post [about] my father who's been dead for two years."

Meanwhile, Lipoma maintains that he does not talk badly about women.

"As a matter of fact, I love women to death," Lipoma said. "If I see a woman in distress, being abused in any way, shape, or formor a guy too, it doesn't matterI will shut it down. And you don't even have to thank me for it. That's the type of person I am."

Lipoma is not worried about his Facebook posts affecting his business at Felix's Fitness Center (FFC), located at 13405 Parent Road.

"It's increasing business," Lipoma said. "I got so much publicity right now it's pathetic."

Local businesses should obviously follow his lead.