Pecan Grove Primary School's Young Women of Character, (YWOC) and Young Men of Character, (YMOC) on Campus with Emergency Response Teams, (ERT)

School News Report

Pecan Grove Primary school's, Young Women of Character (YWOC), and Young Men of Character (YMOC), held its monthly meeting session on Tuesday, Oct.18 in Gonzales. Guest speakers in attendance were City of Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux; Ascension Parish Schools-Assistant Superintendent Denise A. Graves; City of Gonzales Fire Department and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

The students had a learning experience that was geared toward good character traits in school and in the community. PGP's YWOC and YMOC students became acquainted with the Emergency Response Teams of the community. The trained technicians were present to speak of how to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.

The first guest speaker, Arceneaux, spoke to the students on the importance of safety, knowing what to do when in an emergency situation. The second guest speaker, Graves, encouraged students about being successful in schools and abroad in their academics and behaviors, and addressed being obedient to teachers' and respecting others.

The students were given a question and answer segment about the "Six Pillars of Character" by APSB mentors Rhonda Lamendola,(PGP-YMOC-Mentor); . Tim Riley,(PGP-YMOC-Mentor); Mark Peters, (PGP-YMOC Mentor); and Auburn Cain, (PGP-YWOC-Mentor). Each student in attendance was given a fireman's helmet and tour of both emergency response vehicles on the school's campus.