Galvez-Lake Fire Dept. participates in mass casualty event

Staff Report
L to R: Firefighter Dawn Colon, Deputy Chief Bo James, Assistant Chief Karen James and Firefighter Savannah Villemez.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, members of the Galvez-Lake Fire Department Rescue Task Force participated in a mass-casualty event held at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

Member participation and constructive comments after the event, helped the team gather a greater understanding of mass-casualty and interoperability via multi department coordination.

"Galvez-Lake Volunteer Fire Department is always finding new and upbeat ways to train and develop their skills," said a representative. "This training, along with multi agency partnerships, brings back a more educated and technically sound firefighter who is able to share these lessons to other firefighters and responders. Our communities ultimately benefit and we are thankful for the opportunities to further our training."