Gonzales Garden Club reflects on 2016 season

Gonzales Garden Club
Gonzales Garden Club Members are pictured from left, front row: Lorraine Gautreau, Rita Bourque, Cynthia Cagnolatti, Shirley Lyons, Marilyn Rice, Weezie Cashat, Loretta Speligene, Ellen Richmond, and Conchita Richey; back row: Loretta Ramirez, Janis D’Benedetto, Dana Teepell, Patti Mouton, Barbara McCormick, Kat Hightower, Barbara Guillot, Donna Reynaud, Janis Poche, Mary Jo Pohlig and Priscilla Monson.

The Gonzales Garden Club ended their year of civic activities with a final meeting at the Clarion Inn on La. 30 and a Mike Anderson’s style luncheon hosted by Members Cynthia Cagnolatti and Conchita Richey.

Corresponding Secretary Mary Jo Pohlig presented individually handcrafted note cards to club members who achieved a year of perfect attendance.  She had affixed pressed pansies and violas onto cardstock overlaid with glazed tissue to form a decorative bi-fold card of congratulations.  Pohlig presented these unique mementos to members D’Benedetto, Gautreau, Hightower, McCormick, Monson, Mouton, Poche, Pohlig, Ramirez, Richey and Savoy.

Treasurer Cynthia Cagnolatti reported that the annual plant and bake sale fundraiser last month nearly doubled the bank account balance. President Monson praised the club as a whole for their civic involvement in raising awareness of botanical beauty and enriching citizens’ lives through community service, mentioning club meetings and meals shared, Yard of the Month Awards, group work of committees, public garden maintenance, botanical tours, nursing home visits, educational presentations, and the flower show. Monson gave each club officer a flowerpot candle and each other member a decorative metal garden stake. 

The monthly horticulture hint is to remove developing seedpods from Louisiana irises and amaryllis because the production of those seeds is a wasted effort for the plants.  The garden club board will spend several days this summer planning the projects and activities for the 2016-17 season.